Dave Tanner
& builds

Every home should be built to represent its owner’s personality and style through the cratsmanship of a master builder. Dave Tanner takes the time to hear and understand his clients’ desires and needs in order to construct their vision of the perfect home. He embraces the philosophy of “to each, its own.”

While Dave Tanner remodels buildings and creates beautiful homes, what may be most impressive is that he can create breathtaking landscapes. This expertise will result in a great display anywhere on your property. With experience in architectural design, building, and landscaping, Dave Tanner Inc. is the only company you’ll need from start to finish.

Dave is known to be a natural builder. His custom approach and personal touch to buildings brings a sense of warmth and class to every project. A third-generation builder, Dave Tanner's design and mechanical knowledge coupled with his master craftsmanship technologies are active and ground breaking.

Other than being known as Woodside’s former mayor, Dave is known to the locals as one of the top contractors in town. For any homeowner project that needs attention, Dave is the answer. His reputation is one of integrity, whether in politics or development.

From a young age, Dave has been deeply involved in landscape and construction. His grandfather and father both established reputable careers as skillful craftsman in their trades. Dave took on his predecessors’ traits and adapted his own flare and the pursuit for quality in every project.

Now with over 40 years of experience Dave Tanner’s company has established a well-respected reputation among Woodside, Atherton, Portola Valley, and San Mateo County residents.